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“ About me? I am a perfectly normal guy with a perfectly abnormal love for technology and photography. I pursue my career in the field of Web and Software development. During the weekends and holidays, I roam around with my beloved Nikon DSLR to find the meaning of life!! Haha! Kidding, I love to capture photos which give me superpower to capture the moment in a frame, forever.

In this blog, I am trying to portray my experience, stories of my photographic journeys as some nice, good looking articles.

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    My Awesome Trip to Aizawl | December 2016 | Part One

    Day 1 It was an excellent start for the day, but SpiceJet ruined every freaking thing by delaying the flight to Aizawl (Lengpui Airport) by 2:30 hours. Imagine, 2:30 hours delay and they announced it ten mins before the actual departure schedule. Instead of 10’o clock, I reached Lengpui Airport at 12:45 PM. My cab […]

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    Darjeeling Tour : November 2016 | Day 1

    It’s been a while I took a vacation before visiting Darjeeling on November 19th. We boarded the train “Padatik Express” from Sealdah Junction Station, Kolkata at 10’o clock in the evening. It was a pleasant journey though there was little problem as we haven’t had a reservation in the AC compartments, it was sleeper class. […]

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    My first lightning shot!

    Usually I spend my weekends capturing photos and roam around with my camera, but last Wednesday (March 30, 2016) I got to capture this beautiful, yet scary peace of nature! It was a stormy night and I couldn’t wait to run at my terrace and capture this awesome moment. I had used a 25″ exposure […]

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    Playing with Lights

    Sunday is a fun day! Well, this evening I was sitting ducks and looking for ideas to spend the time. Few days or may be weeks back I saw a picture on Instagram where the photographer used a drone to create light trails, I tested the same for a couple of times and it took […]

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    Capturing Bugs Life using Sigma 70-300mm DG Lens

    Yea, the Sigma 70-300mm DG lens is awesome in daylight condition. Last weekend I went out with my friends and took these snaps while hanging out near Serampore College. There’s a ruined old temple, in our childhood we used to spend quality time there. Though the place is little bit messy and kind of a […]

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