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Darjeeling Tour : November 2016 | Day 1

It’s been a while I took a vacation before visiting Darjeeling on November 19th. We boarded the train “Padatik Express” from Sealdah Junction Station, Kolkata at 10’o clock in the evening. It was a pleasant journey though there was little problem as we haven’t had a reservation in the AC compartments, it was sleeper class. We had a big team of 7 people and the journey started.

Though the train was running late by half an hour but at the end of the whole journey they were able to make up that and we reached New Jalpaiguri Station on time. Over there we already had a car booked by our hotel manager at Hotel Broadway, Darjeeling.

Surprise 1: We met our driver, Mr Dipen Lama, there and it turns out he is a veteran of the Indian Army and while on his training he was stationed at the Barrackpore Army camp which is around 3~4 KMs away from my hometown! What a surprise! So he knew the place we are coming from, so the conversion continued with him comparing Darjeeling with Kolkata! 😀

A Playground Near Mirik

While moving towards Darjeeling City, we made our journey through Mirik, which is a small lake area. There was enough scenic beauty over there, however, the most important thing – there was food and a public washroom! We had some mindblowing Momos (Dim Sums) and we got some nice shots there.

Mirik Lake

It was a nice and cold place. The whole lake area was filled with school children and in the woods, we caught few child smoking! haha! They were really embarrassed, but life moves on.

Way to Mirik

After staying and roaming around for an hour, we boarded our vehicle again and started towards Darjeeling. Anjan Dutta’s “Darjeeling” song was in my mind and the connection to the city with that particular song felt stronger as we made our way towards Ghum Station via Leptcha Jagat.

The weather was pleasant, the sun was on top of us however it was super chilly outside. For the day, we haven’t had any stops. We went to the hotel and ordered for the dinner as soon we got there because the hotel manager wanted to have the orders before 7’o clock. Everybody was super tired.

In the evening, we went to the Mall, which is kind of a gathering place. The market around Mall was nice and items were pretty cheap. The weird thing was (At least weird for we Kolkatans) they closed the stores within 8’o clock in the evening!!

Well, that was all for that day.