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My Awesome Trip to Aizawl | December 2016 | Part One

Day 1

It was an excellent start for the day, but SpiceJet ruined every freaking thing by delaying the flight to Aizawl (Lengpui Airport) by 2:30 hours. Imagine, 2:30 hours delay and they announced it ten mins before the actual departure schedule.

Aizawl Airport

Instead of 10’o clock, I reached Lengpui Airport at 12:45 PM. My cab left for the city as I was late. However, Soumasish was able to arrange for an alternative ride. I arrived the guest house around 5’o clock in the evening.

It was a nice cold evening. I settled at the guesthouse for the night, took few long exposure shots and moreover, the evening was like the old college days, hours of chatting and fun. It was Christmas, and the city was in a festive mood. The picture below says it all.

Aizawl City At Night

Apart from the scenic beauty, couple of things caught my eye. These people at Mizoram they call other people Indian who are visiting or from plane lands and they call themselves Mizo. What the hell is that? The other thing was, “Drink and Drive”. Yes, you read it right. It looked like drinking and driving is a common thing there, and they drink whisky open in the road and don’t even bother about children!!

Day 2 at Aizwal

The previous night was cold, not that cold but it was enough chilling for a guy visiting from Kolkata in December. As usually I woke up early morning and started wondering, where to start. We packed our bags, grabbed my camera and went for the city or hills or whatever it was! The first mission was to get a cab. Man, they are racist. Anyhow, we managed to get a cab and went towards the market. The place was super crowded, and you can not even walk properly. We entered the market and bought some vegetables as there was a plan for cooking Biriyani on Chrismas Day! It’s hard to arrange the spices there, I already bought the spices from here at Kolkata, and took those in my luggage. Coming back to the tour, we took a long stair (downstairs) from the market to a less crowded area and went to Zoté bakery. The sandwich was impressive may be the best chicken sandwich I have ever had in my life. The music was loud, and it was “Last Christmas, I gave you my heart…”. Soumasish was little sceptical about the chicken they serve, so he had a veg sandwich. People eat pork and dog meats there, so he had a valid reason for being sceptical. Well, I didn’t give a damn about that and loved the sandwich. We left for the upper side of the city called “Chanmari”.

Sandwich at Zoté Bakery

It was people everywhere! Seriously, they need more places and shopping malls to fit those people. For those few hours, it felt like Durga Puja. The way we make the streets crowded, they did the same. Everybody was in a good mood, and even few people came to take photos with us. I was desperately looking for a place to eat and finally found a restaurant of KFC, the food was awful! Before hopping into the KFC’s outlet, we managed to get our buttocks in a stadium inside Assam Riffles Cantonment area. The shots were beautiful, here’s one of those.

The Stadium

People, Everywhere

The sun was moving fast; we headed towards to the top most point of Aizwal, called Pushpak. Before getting into the cabs, we walked to the Suicide Point. Yes, it’s called Suicide Point because mad people jump for their life from there. It was a small turning point at the corner of a small hill. Again, it was photo shooting time. I took few more snaps and headed towards Pushpak. Fortunately, we got a cab almost instantly; it saved us few KMs of walk in those hills.

A View from the Suicide Point

We reached Pushpak around 4:40 PM. I had planned for long exposure shots, so we had to wait for about an hour before the sun completely vanished into the darkness of the hills. It was peaceful and lonely evening. There was absolutely no one to interfere, but out of nowhere an army man came with a walky-talky and asked few dumb questions: The Guard: “Are you taking photos?” Me: Indeed, we are. Now he asked the most dumb question ever.

  • The Guard: Is this a camera? (Pointing his walky-talky towards my camera mounted on my tripod.)
  • Me: (Stunned for few seconds ?) Yes, it is. ?

Suddenly, another man came and spoke a lot of words, and I couldn’t understand a single of them because it was in Mizo language. The guard explained to me that the other guy wants to see the photos. I previewed some pictures, and they vanished into the darkness.

Aizawl City from Pushpak

We continued with our photography and moved towards an army canteen, where we bought rice and some ingredients for the Biriyani Feast and went to the guest house in a dumper truck with few more employees of Tantia Constructions Limited, Mizoram. FYI, my friend Soumasish works at Tantia Constructions.