Capturing Bugs Life using Sigma 70-300mm DG Lens

March 15, 2016

Yea, the Sigma 70-300mm DG lens is awesome in daylight condition. Last weekend I went out with my friends and took these snaps while hanging out near Serampore College. There’s a ruined old temple, in our childhood we used to spend quality time there. Though the place is little bit messy and kind of a small jungle but yea, it always brings up the childhood memories. Anyhow, enough of my nostalgic chit chats, here’s the snaps I took last weekend.

The next two pictures are taken near my home. It was a sunny day and a lot of dragonflies were flying by. This is one of the curious one who was posing for photos, hence I turned on the Macro switch in my lens and took these two snap. They turned out nice and sharp.

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